Erin Lau is a landscape designer and contractor who lives and works a block away from Othello Park. Soon after moving to South Seattle in 2014, Erin joined the board of the Othello Park Alliance, and is active in various other community groups concerning the Othello neighborhood. Erin is committed to improving the natural and manmade environment of her community.
Mona Lee has been an activist and organizer in the Othello Neighborhood for the past 17 years. She helped to found the Othello Neighborhood Association, the Othello Station Community Advisory Team, and the Othello Park Alliance and has been a major contributor to the work of those organizations. In 2003 Mona retired from her career as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor for the State of Washington and has dedicated much of her time to the promotion of community, national and global justice. She enjoys the freedom of an alternative transportation life style, choosing to walk, bicycle, and otherwise explore the world by public transit.
Lawson Revan is excited about his first year with the Othello Park Alliance.  He is passionate about engaging diverse communities and has worked for the past decade in environmental policy, sustainable community development and natural resource conservation.  He also loves spending time outside with his pup, Roz.
This is my second year with Othello Park Alliance as the Event Coordinator for the Annual International Music and Arts Festival. I am a Returned Peace Corps volunteer who worked as a Community and Organizational Consultant in the Republic of Moldova from 2008 – 2010. Ever since Peace Corps I’ve discovered a passion in community building and the robust work involved in grass roots organizations. I believe there is nothing like community involvement that can make one’s neighborhood feel like a home.
Sarah Valenta is a 16 year resident of the Rainier Valley and has been a volunteer activist for much of that time.  She has been working with the Othello Park Alliance for the past 7 years both in a volunteer capacity and as an advocate through her employment at HomeSight . With OPA, she has supported a two year community engagement process, including visioning and design workshops to foster community conversations about what Othello Park means to neighbors and ways they want to improve it together for the future. More than 100 community residents were engaged in this visioning process and their ideas and priorities generated a 3-phase Othello Park Redesign Plan—the first two phases of which are already complete! Sarah has also played an integral role in planning and implementing the highly successful Othello Park International Music and Arts Festival, which was attended by over 2,500 people last year. Her roles have included Finance Chair, outreach volunteer, entertainment recruiter, graphic designer, fundraiser and grant writer, accounts payable and receivable management, retail and food booth organizer, and doer of miscellaneous and random jobs.  She is grateful to have been a part of this incredible team and is currently retired from the board serving in an advisory capacity.